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Queensboro Bridge Art Contest - Calling All Students Age 5 to 18!

The Queensboro Bridge by Edward Hopper (July 22, 1882 - May 15, 1967), who was a famed American realist painter & printmaker. His spare & finely calculated renderings reflected his personal vision of modern American life. Source:

 Rego-Forest Preservation Council proudly endorses the mission of the LIC Arts Open Committee. We feel The Queensboro Bridge Art Contest is a superb means of exercising our students' artistic minds, to foster the appreciation of Queens history & one of our borough's greatest Individual Landmarks, the Queensboro Bridge, which dates to 1909 & serves as our gateway. Let's keep in mind that we became the Borough of Queens in 1898. The timing of the art contest couldn't be more perfect, as our politicians plan on voting on Mayor Bloomberg's proposed renaming of the Queensboro Bridge to the Ed Koch Bridge (or something to that extent) on March 23rd. Hopefully, our electeds will listen to our children, and learn why the Queensboro Bridge name is a staple of Queens history. Now onto the contest......

The Queensboro Bridge Art Contest flyer for the 2011 LIC Arts Open. Please download & post around schools, and share with families & friends.
Welcome To Queens!

As part of the 2011 LIC Arts Open, the LIC Arts Open Committee has organized an art contest for Queens students, ages 5-18, that celebrates the Queensboro Bridge. At more than 100 years old and an astonishing visual wonder, the bridge provides a glorious welcome to our borough, and this contest provides the perfect way for Queens’s young people to exercise their creativity and be part of a community-wide event!

It’s simple to be part of the Queensboro Bridge Art Contest. No registration is required. Just submit a 5" x 7" postcard that captures our beloved Queensborough Bridge as a painting, drawing, collage, cartoon, photograph, or any other form of graphic representation.

You can get blank postcards from art teachers at your school (if they are participating), pick them up as the LIC Arts Center, or simply use your own oak tag, as long as it is 5" x 7" in size.

Submissions will be reviewed by a committee of notable artists and local leaders, with prizes awarded to winners in 4 age categories. ALL SUBMISSIONS will be exhibited at a special showing on May 14-22 at the LIC Arts Center, where hundreds of people will view them during the Arts Open and the week leading up to it.

Guidelines For Submission

-Artwork must be created on 5" x 7" card stock (oak tag). You can obtain cards from art teachers at your school, if they have requested them; pick them up at the LIC Arts Center in Long Island City; or use your own as long as it is 5" x 7" and oak tag weight.

-Submissions must be accompanied by a note with name of artist, age, school, address, phone number, and e-mail address so we may contact you.

-Artists may pick up their works after the exhibition is over (end of day on May 22 and after). If you prefer, we can mail it back to you if you write your name/address and include a stamp on the other (blank) side of your artwork.

-Submissions must be received no later than May 2, 2011. Please send or deliver them to:

LIC Art Center 
Att: A. Ratkewitch/Queens Paideia School 
44-02 23rd Street, Suite 214 
Long Island City, NY 11101

For more information, specific questions, contact Alyssa Ratkewitch, contest coordinator, at

Please check back on the LIC Arts Open's website and the LIC Arts Open’s Facebook Page for ongoing updates about this first-ever contest, and other exciting activities at the Arts Open!

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