Thursday, March 17, 2011

Petition Opposing Renaming of Queensboro Bridge!

Queensboro Bridge Circa 1910 Postcard
Mayor Bloomberg might as well wipe Queens off the map. The Queensboro Bridge may be stripped of its historic name, and may only exist as a roadway connecting Queens to Manhattan. Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Quinn reportedly support the renaming of this historic bridge after former Mayor Ed Koch. Who will say, Let's take the Ed Koch Bridge? And... Where will it leave you?

Please sign, comment, & share the PETITION opposed to renaming the Queensboro Bridge:

It is a LANDMARK on an architectural, cultural, & historical basis, & its name is supposedly safeguarded under the Landmarks Law. If the politicians have their way, and the Landmarks Preservation Commission doesn't take a stance, will they sell the Queensboro Bridge's 1909 dedication plaque on the approach for scrap, which bears Queensboro Bridge, or will it be tossed into the East River?

Opinions aside on former Mayor Edward I. Koch's integrity, but what affiliation does he have with the bridge & Queens? The practice of renaming historic sites after politicians, and wasting any of the city or state's funds must come to a halt! Elected officials including Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr. and Queens State Senator Tony Avella hear the voices of the people; many of whom we conversed with that oppose the bridge renaming.

The Queens Campaigner reported on February 24th that a hearing was held by the Council for the proposed name change. It states, "At the hearing, 12 to 15 people gave testimony, most of whom had worked with Ed Koch. Of those who testified, only one said he was not in favor of changing the name."

On Dec 10, 2010, Queens BP Helen Marshall told The Queens Courier, “I haven’t found one person who thinks this is a good idea. I think a lot of people have good feelings about the former mayor, but renaming a bridge is another story. We are going to watch this.” The Queens Courier then went on to report, "The renaming of the Triboro Bridge, which became the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge in 2008, cost the city and state nearly $4 million for new signage."

Let's reflect upon our recent past... Remember the Queensboro Bridge's Centennial Celebration from May 28 - July 31, 2009? Events & history:

A final vote on the renaming will occur on March 23, 2011. Will the constituents be heard?

SUM: If approved, this will be yet another long-term publicity campaign at our city's "expense," in more ways than one.


  1. The Bridge is named for the Queens as is the Brooklyn Bridge named for that Brooklyn. It is outrageous to think of changing it's name.
    I hope the city council comes to its senses and defeats this change. The Mayor is letting teachers and other civil workers go, and now he comes up with crazy idea to waste money. This must be defeated.

  2. Stop with the revisionist pandering - surely will cost more than leaving well-enough alone. If a new structure is built; then you can name it after the politico-du-jour.

  3. This should not happen! I HATE the Triboro Bridge renaming (no disrespect to RFK himself - but I see no point to naming that bridge after him), and as far as I know, NO ONE calls it the RFK Bridge! The same will happen here, if we allow it. Pointless and wasteful.

  4. Will they start charging a toll once it's renamed?