Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How Landmarking Would Help The West Side Tennis Club or A Future Owner

To West Side Tennis Club: 

Rego-Forest Preservation Council urges you to consider us an ally, and explore some pros of obtaining a combination of city, state, and federal landmark designation for the iconic Forest Hills Tennis Stadium and complex:

I. Limits some alterations and demolition of historic sites, which would otherwise inhibit the harmonious architectural character of a property, properties, and potentially reduce property values and economic benefits of a site &/or neighborhood.

II. Conveys prestige and neighborhood pride, and helps bond the generations on the basis of a property or properties’ architectural, cultural, & historical merit.

III. Grant eligibility: While Landmarking increases property recognition, it will increase the likelihood of acquiring grants. A sampling of several programs which make funding available, are as follows:

- The NY Landmarks Conservancy is a preservation non-profit that provides funding via grants/tax credits to property owners and religious institutions wishing to rehabilitate and restore their buildings, and offers technical assistance. The NY Landmarks Conservancy’s website is, which includes various programs.

- In conjunction with Landmarking via the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, placement on the State & National Register of Historic Places is also significant for the commemoration and acquisition of state and federal grants for historically-sensitive upgrades and restoration work. The State Historic Preservation’s Office’s State & National Register of Historic Places can also assist property owners with their needs, by utilizing federal tax benefits associated with the purchase or rehabilitation of properties on state & national levels:

      The West Side Tennis Club board and members should realize that regardless of the percentage that is granted through a combination of city, state, and federal incentives, funding can also be acquired from independent individual and organizational donors. The WSTC does not have to drain their pockets. The multi-faceted fundraising aspect, and the long-term economic benefit of a creatively mixed-use historic icon for the greater American public, as initially envisioned and proven throughout nearly a century of the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, should be considered.

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