Friday, August 5, 2011

WSTC Issues Request For Proposals For Storied Forest Hills Tennis Stadium - RFPC Seeks Preservation-Friendly Partners For WSTC

On 8/1/11, the West Side Tennis Club issued a Request For Proposals, appealing to developers on potential ideas for redevelopment of our iconic Forest Hills Tennis Stadium. Since Cord Meyer's condo plan was rejected in Oct 2010 by a majority of voting-eligible members, there is now a greater opportunity to preserve & reuse the stadium. Nevertheless, we learned that Cord Meyer Development is once again interested in the stadium and plans to respondto the Request For Proposals. A tour for potential suitors will be on August 15th. 
It is the hope of Rego-Forest Preservation Council and citizens alike, that Cord Meyer will not submit any proposal to alter or demolish our internationally-recognized stadium. Not only would that obliterate a site of historic firsts, but crush an opportunity to landmark, restore, and creatively reuse it as a mixed-use 21st century venue that could be use for tennis, subdued concerts, music & art festivals, charity events, weddings, graduations, school trips, etc. We need to safeguard historic character, boost jobs, and help our local business corridors, and not hinder it. Yes to a destination... No to typical condos. The Stadium Committee of the WSTC will review new proposals in early Oct 2011. 
On August 3rd, Journalist Dawn Wotapka of the Wall Street Journal covered this issue, which features an interview with Chairman Michael Perlman of Rego-Forest Preservation Council:

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