Saturday, December 15, 2012

Civic Virtue To Be Snatched From Queens Today?

Shame Cam: In 4 hours, this historic view may be gone forever
 Will this be known as the day that Civic Virtue/civic virtue died in Queens?

Starting at 7 AM today, Queens' historic Civic Virtue, a historic public work of art will reportedly be confiscated by our city, chiseled away from its Angelina Crane Fountain, and be transported to Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery on "long-term loan." Potentially according to the City Charter, long-term loan indicates a period of 3 years. Queens citizens pay their fair share of taxes, so public art belongs to us. We need to launch a further investigation and demand its return to Queens and its restoration! 

Does Queens have a Democracy? Would political forces dare to remove other famed works such as the Statue of David, Venus de Milo, or Perseus holding up the head of Medusa?

Jon Torodash, Founder of has been leading a "good fight" to have Civic Virtue retained and restored in Queens, which is where it has remained for 71 years. Torodash will be at the site, documenting its move. Kudos to his dedication and transparent nature in the face of political greed as witnessed over the years locally.

Case Studies of Political Greed?

--  A public servant known as our ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner called Civic Virtue sexist at his February 2011 press conference, and sent a request to the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, calling for its removal from Queens. In the meantime, he was caught sexting not long after, and then resigned from public office. 

 -- Queens BP Helen Marshall wants her rendition of a statue placed on top of the historic fountain base that would remain after Civic Virtue's removal. First, she envisioned a glass addition to the back of Queens Borough Hall which lead to the elimination of at least 20 healthy cherry trees in spring 2012, and then she refuses to restore Civic Virtue at her community's request, permitting its removal.

Civic Virtue holds a mirror up to the wrongdoings of our politicians, as it denounces societal corruption & vice, and some public servants just cannot bear the truth.

According to

"Tomorrow, December 15th, Triumph of Civic Virtue is slated for removal. We have heard from a supporter, who has been serving jury duty in the area and spoke with the workmen, that removal will start at 7 AM. Apparently, they have already been sawing through the base. Jon Torodash will be down at the site filming the removal, both to make sure that it is done properly and to take record of the disgrace the event symbolizes. We welcome you to come out and witness this sad event."

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