Monday, October 10, 2011

Facebook Groups: Please Take Action For S.O.S. (Save Our Stadium!) & Rego-Forest Preservation Council

Facebook is upgrading all of its groups. Even some of the most successful Facebook Groups were not given the option to upgrade to date. For those who are members of the S.O.S. (Save Our Stadium!) group (which has 190 members currently), please visit the link below. When asked on top of the page if you want to remain in the group when Facebook upgrades it, please press YES. Then you won't have any interruption of your membership for the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium Preservation cause:
The Facebook Group for Rego-Forest Preservation Council has luckily been presented the option to upgrade months ago, & has made a smooth transition. Kudos to the 390 members. If you aren't already a member, please consider joining & supporting our historic preservation causes:
Please spread the word to ALL your neighbors & friends, and help preserve & enhance our community's historic character. Help our volunteer recruitment initiative as well. Thank you! 

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