Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day, Heart A NY Landmark by The NY Landmarks Conservancy

Happy Valentine's Day! One of the best ways of expressing your admiration is by celebrating in a cozy neighborhood institution, which reads your definition of NYC all over it. Another superb means of celebration is by showing your passion for your neighborhood, and the historic cornerstones which grant its soul. You can fulfill this by advocating for preservation by joining Rego-Forest Preservation Council, attending our periodic meetings, as well as participating in our letter campaigns, and walking tours with Historian Jeff Gottlieb of the Central Queens Historical Association.

We are proud to feature an immediate way of expressing your passion. The New York Landmarks Conservancy is a preservation non-profit organization, which is hosting....

Valentine's Day - Heart A NY Landmark! 

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by sharing your love for the iconic buildings and unique neighborhoods that define our extraordinary and vibrant City. Submit a photo with the "Heart Landmarks" poster and you’ll receive a copy of one of the Conservancy's Walking Tour Books. 

Send your photo or video of you and the poster at your favorite New York landmark. We will post your submissions on a Facebook album we’ve created especially for the occasion, or to YouTube. Encourage family, friends and co-workers to share the love by sending us their photos or videos too. Celebrate the rich architectural heritage that surrounds us as New Yorkers with fun and creativity this Valentine’s Day.

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