Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Historic Blueprints & Promotional Booklets of Forest Hills & Rego Park Unveiled To The Public Eye!

As Chair of Rego-Forest Preservation Council & as Queens VP of the Four Borough Neighborhood Preservation Alliance, my goal is to digitize all blueprints, facade renderings, & promotional booklets of historic and distinctive Forest Hills and Rego Park apartment buildings, so they can be preserved for posterity, for the enjoyment of all generations. Some of these have not been revealed to the public eye for 70 years!

Our vision is for building residents, managements, landlords, and preservationists to work together, to ensure that Forest Hills and Rego Park sites roughly from 1906 - the 1960s will be restored and upgraded in a historically-sensitive manner, rather than altered insensitively or demolished, in order to make our community more beautiful, and help maintain and enhance property values.

The promotional booklets illustrate how no expense was spared in architectural detail, and the values of urban planning in regard to sensible development and plentiful green space, and also captures historical Queens events at the time of their development.

Let's take pride in where we live, and work cohesively to make it an even better community! Enjoy the collection, and please post your observations and share it with parties who may find it most beneficial:

1. Historic Blueprints & Promo Booklets for Forest Hills South:

2. Historic Blueprints & Promo Booklets for Forest Hills: Austin St, Queens Blvd, & Vicinity:

3. Historic Blueprints & Promo Booklets for Rego Park: Saunders St, 63rd Dr, Queens Blvd, & Vicinity:

4. Historic Blueprints & Promo Booklets: Cord Meyer Section, Forest Hills:

5. Historic Blueprints & Promo Booklets: Western Forest Hills & Eastern Rego Park:

Digitizing the historic blueprints/promotional booklets is a work in progress, so stay tuned! They will always be accessible under the "Flickr Photo Collections" on the right-hand side of this blog, or accessible under Rego-Forest Preservation Council's collections on Flickr:

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  1. Phenomenal! What a resource of early Forest Hills and Rego Park blueprints! I would assume it took a while to scan and post them online. I am thinking of restoring my building and will E-mail you right now. I hope you and your members can help.