Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011 - We Are Stronger Than Ever!

We will always remember our heroes, our survivors, our victims, and all families and friends of September 11th. 
It is hard to believe it has been 10 years. I remember waking up, and witnessing the unbelievable on TV, along with my family. We were in denial, not knowing what may be the next target. First the Twin Towers and then the Pentagon, not to mention all those who perished as the planes crashed, and the hero who saved the White House. As we experienced the largest attack in American history, it showed how caring and brave Americans are. Under crisis, we unconsciously and consciously looked out for each other. I remember the fire crews, police, and the Port Authority who rushed to the Towers to save who they can. The heroes inside the Twin Towers became one family, helping each other flee in every way possible.
Mayor Giuliani coordinated the response of various city departments, while organizing the support of state and federal authorities for the World Trade Center site. Within days, stories of the rescue and those who perished emerged. The rescue mission was ongoing between the rubble. Candlelight vigils filled thoroughfares.On September 23, 2001, the World Trade Center Memorial Service was held at Yankee Stadium.
Our Twin Towers fell, but our courage and unity never sunk with it.
This postcard is captioned "April 4, 1973 - Sept 11, 2001"

This pre-9/11 view reads "Long live liberty!" We must keep strong, even when they attempt to reduce our country and its people.

On Thurs, Dec 11, 2008, the NY Daily News reported "The survivors' staircase, the 37 concrete steps that scores of people raced down to flee the World Trade Center attacks, was moved Thursday for the final time. A massive yellow crane hoisted the 22-foot-tall staircase into the air and placed it 150 feet away at the entrance to the future Sept. 11 museum." According to, "The Stairway stands as a uniquely important historical artifact, and a dramatic symbol of hope and survival." The NY Landmarks Conservancy played a great role in the rescue of this artifact:

Survivors' Staircase, WTC, Courtesy of
On April 26, 2011, ABC News announced the 9/11 Memorial is set to open on the 10th anniversary of the attacks:
Superb coverage with 9/11/01 photos on Drake's Edge of The City Blog:  
Google News thread on September 11, 2011 memorials: 9/11/11

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