Saturday, April 9, 2011

Introducing "Local History" Column in Forest Hills Patch - Debuting Eddie's Sweet Shop

Youngsters sitting at the counter of Witt's Ice Cream, which would later be known as Eddie's Sweet Shop. Could it be Owner William Witt?

As a native Forest Hills resident, NYC preservationist, and writer, I take pride in my new weekly column with a popular hyper-publication, Forest Hills Patch. Introducing... Local History. Enjoy my first feature, "Eddie's Sweet Shop." As we celebrate the 119th anniversary of the sundae, treat yourself in what's NYC's earliest intact ice cream parlor, at 105-29 Metropolitan Ave, Forest Hills:

If you are curious about the history of any landmarks, worthy sites & sections, long-forgotten sites, or historic notables of Forest Hills or Rego Park, please send your suggestions to, and I will consider coverage. It is a pleasure to serve our community!

- Michael Perlman, Chairman of Rego-Forest Preservation Council 


  1. does the family which owns Eddie's also own the building? That might help explain how they have managed to avoid being "developed". What a gem-a must see must partake part of NYC history

    bronx boy (raised in queens)

  2. Thank you for your comment! I am pretty certain that the Citrano family also owns the real estate. They must have purchased it in the late 1980s or early 1990s, when the real estate was cheaper. Eddie's Sweet Shop is equivalent to "one in a million," and is extremely rare citywide. Forest Hills is fortunate, as well as other New Yorkers and tourists who visit.

  3. I remember going there in the 1960's and enjoying 40 cent ice cream sodas served up by the kindly Mr. and Mrs. Witt. Talk about sweet childhood memories!