Friday, February 25, 2011

Hats Off To Volunteerism

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Every so often we come across that one piece that reads our mind like a book, and leaves us with an everlasting impression. Take Maria A. Thomson of Woodhaven, who sent a beautifully composed, thought-provoking Letter To The Editor of the Queens Chronicle. It was published on Feb 24, 2011, and is titled "Why We Volunteer."

Maria begins by brainstorming about her community of Woodhaven, and its number of strong organizations, with the Woodhaven Residents' Block Association being the first; now in existence for 4 decades.

She states "Volunteerism should be rewarded, but as a byproduct of volunteering, not the reason for it. The highest reward must be improving your community."

Historic preservation and community organizations such as ours, and those who we associate with, can relate to her sentiments. We support each other throughout many causes, and build upon the success of prior generations' community leaders. She writes, "All community groups need support and involvement, to perpetuate what dedicated individuals have worked for and accomplished over the years  - in my case, for more than a quarter of a century, in some cases even more."

Her letter confirms how we feel the need to improve our communities by making personal life sacrifices to serve the public. Additionally, our community then becomes our personal life commitment.

Maria concludes by urging the public, "Please get involved, but do it with good intent. Volunteerism is rewarding and good for the soul"... "May God bless our leaders, may God bless our armed forces, and may God bless our America."

For more information: Maria A Thomson's complete Letter To The Editor in the Queens Chronicle

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