Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tornado Aftermath: A Walk Through Forest Hills With Michael Perlman & Important Recovery Effort Advice

A new compilation of photos has been uploaded to flickr, depicting the aftermath of the September 16, 2010 tornado and macroburst, from a Forest Hills, NY viewpoint. Photos are by Michael Perlman, Chair of Rego-Forest Preservation Council.

The following photoset will be updated over the upcoming days. The images you will see are proof of how we have to be thankful for every day on this planet, and what we had and have in our lives. RIP PA-resident Aline Levakis, and our circa 3,113 precious trees lost in Queens (not including the figure of losses in Brooklyn and Staten Island). Limbs hanging number 3,069. Over 7,000 trees were affected in a significant way. Concerning our infrastructure, 70 buildings were destroyed, and 439 structures were damaged. These figures were compiled by city officials. Sidewalks have also been cracked and uplifted.

Call 311 & our elected officials (such as Councilmember Karen Koslowitz of Forest Hills & Rego Park) with complaints and concerns. This is an eye on the tragedy, and a demonstration of what measures WE THE PEOPLE need to undertake for an efficient recovery process, for a hopeful future:

Please share your experiences, reactions, and any advice you can offer. Thank you!

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